Basic Waffle Recipe

This basic waffle recipe is the foundation of every hungry mans waffle arsenal. It's the recipe we will build on. It's easy, simple, quick, no problem basic waffle recipe. You can find an even simpler version of this waffle recipe on the front page of, but that one is really to easy to even bother. We want quality, right?

Basic Waffle Recipe

The ingredients for this basic waffle recipe are the same as on the front page. We will need: 4 ounces of all purpose flour, 4 ounces of whole-wheat flour, one teaspoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, ½ tablespoon salt, three eggs, one and a half cup of milk, and some vegetable oil. All this stuff will give you eight or nine, 9 inch sized waffles.

This basic waffle recipe will have five steps:
Step 1: Put all the dry ingredients - flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into one bowl.

Step 2: Break the eggs and separate whites from the egg yolk.

Step 3: Put egg yolk, milk, and oil into another bowl and work on it until you get a nice and even liquid.

Step 4: Now throw what is in your wet bowl into the dry one and start mixing again and again and again until there are no lumps left. No lumps - good, lump - bad.

Step 5: You ain't done mixing... not take the egg whites and shake them, work them, go crazy... beat them until you get white and fluffy egg white snow.

Step 6: Gently mix the snow into the batter you made before (hint - this will make waffles a little softer). (applause) You just produced your basic waffle recipe batter.

All there is left to do is to put half cup of batter into the hot and steaming ready waffle iron, yearning to make you some waffles. Yummy. If you are not seeing pink giraffes dancing around your waffle iron we guess you are not that hungry yet and you can leave batter to stand still for a while (this is a bonus trick to make waffles even better).

What? You want more? Sorry this is it, basic waffle recipe ends here :). Let's eat!

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18.09.2007. 07:20


Thul Dai 12.04.2008. 05:10

For how many people would that (roughly) be?

tony 13.04.2008. 14:15

Do you mean to use baking powder, not baking soda?

waffly 14.04.2008. 02:50

Thul Dai: Well, depends on how many waffles can you eat :), but around 4 people.

tony: well, baking soda and baking powder do the same thing - produce CO2 bubbles in the dough. Just use baking powder, it's more common these days.

chhavi 05.05.2008. 13:03

can we make them without eggs for them who do not eat eggs

waf 06.05.2008. 01:24

chavi, I'm not sure if it will work but try replacing eggs with ground flax seeds. 1 Tablespoon flax seeds plus 3 Tablespoons water replaces one egg.

jenny 09.05.2008. 18:32

how much vegetable oil?

mat 17.05.2008. 01:37

jenny, two tablespoons

Dennis 01.06.2008. 13:46

Do you REALLY mean 1/2 tablespoon salt(1 and 1/2 teaspoons)...not 1/2 teaspoon??? I've never seen that much salt for 1 cup of flour before.

Waffle man 02.06.2008. 07:37

@Dennis: it's 1/2 teaspoon, thanks for the notice!

Stanley 06.06.2008. 08:52

By 8 oz do you mean the actual weight or 1 cup? I always get these confused.

Nigel in fukuoka 19.06.2008. 04:19

Why is everything still in OZ ( ounces) and not metric. Its really pathetic to have to convert a recipe to the 21st century.

David in America 26.06.2008. 21:24

@ Nigel, you're the only one that I know of that has to convert, everyone one else in this country learned their measurements in school. And when did metric become the standard of the 21st century?

bob marley 13.07.2008. 15:49


Tom 19.07.2008. 07:47


Everyone who lives outside the US learnt their measurements in school too, but they learnt metric! Imperial measurements really are antiquated now, despite some die-hard fans hanging on to pounds and ounces. In the UK, we only really use imperial for our own weights, which we often measure in stone, but even that's being phased out.

Rivka 26.08.2008. 10:40

You never answered Stanley very good question, is it 8 oz. or 1 cup? 8 oz. flour is NOT equal to 1 cup of flour.

amar 16.09.2008. 06:34

eggless recipe with home available substitute for egg since readymade eggsubstitute are not available in my city -Chennai,India.

Lorrine 06.10.2008. 05:07

milk means fresh/UHT milk ?

Nancy 23.10.2008. 16:38

This recipe is way too salty. I don't think I'd add any if I made it again.

Jammy Joe 18.01.2009. 11:55

To convert ounces of flour into another measure, see this conversion table:

I always get ounces confused. Never know if they're talking weight or volume, as ounces can be either. The Brits are caught in a bit of a time warp where measures are concerned...

Spacelord 31.01.2009. 15:50

First of all, this recipe is NOT the same as the one on the first page. The first page one doesn't have anything about separating egg whites. I made the one on the homepage and it wasn't very good. Not terrible, mind you, but not all that good.

The waffles are too fluffy like pancakes. I want a thicker, more chewy waffle, lie Waffle House. Any suggestions on that?

Also, I might be a Missouri redneck, but I have never in my life seen flour measured in ounces. Am I supposed to get out a scale? Why not simply use cups?

KC 08.02.2009. 02:48

I'm disappointed. :( These sounded so promising but they came out very flimsy and pancake-like. I've left each pancake in the iron about 10 minutes each and they just won't get crispy like the waffles I am used to.

Sorry to give a bad review!

KC 08.02.2009. 03:08

Okay I'm back. I turned the waffle iron heat all the way up (had it on med, turned it on high) and they got crispy. My baaad.

Very good. Thank u!

Jade 21.02.2009. 21:43

GOOD that I saw these comments before I'm gonna make my waffles.

I think it's better if someone can change the "½ tablespoon salt" to "½ teaspoon salt".

btw,I feel sorry for Nancy.

Sarah 12.04.2009. 09:30

Could you please fix the mistakes in the actual recipe (ie how much oil, the correct amount of salt) so that people don't get overly confused? And please clarify in the recipe how much flour to put in - as someone else already said, 8oz of flour is not the same as a cup. It's actually about 1 3/4 cup if you measure it out on a scale. So which is it?

Waffle Lover 13.05.2009. 14:45

haha. 8 oz. does equal one cup. You can't measure it out on a scale. It does not work that way. If you guys want to succeed in the kitchen learn your kitchen measurements and conversions. It was the first thing they taught us in culinary.

Katherine 01.06.2009. 12:02

Pea-brain. Websites are International. Depending on whether you are in USA or UK or say India the weight may fluctuate. It also depends on how far up a mountain you might be or if you are in a submarine.

One cup of water is 8 fluid ounces, but weighs 8.3 (avoirdupois) ounces. A cup of flour will vary in weight depending on the type of flour and whether it is lightly or tightly packed.

Because of this - cups are a vague measure and not accurate. Better to use a reliable scale maybe?

In the event - a little more flour here or there is generally not so noticeable and maybe you prefer a fluffy waffle to a rather stodgy one. The art of waffle making is just that and you should experiment a little to see what you like best.

Try some plain flour and some whole-meal or maybe another type of flour. You don't have to stick to someone else's recipe totally. If you make a thicker batter at first - try this and then add a little more milk (maybe some whisked egg) and see if that makes a difference. Too thin a mixture with too much milk will burn easily. Don't go that far...

I'm happy with my waffles and am more concerned with the quality of the strawberries/blueberries and whether the cream is fresh/clotted and so forth. Is the maple syrup genuine Canadian? All these variables can make a waffle an enjoyable experience or something that you can't really be bothered with again. Is the butter good quality - salted or unsalted? Don't use inferior butter - it does matter!

One thing is sure. Once you have your recipe that is good for you - your friends/family will probably like it too.

steph 09.02.2010. 12:21

stop whining about this recipe!! If there are so many mistakes in it, just look for a new waffle recipe.. There's only 741389791728971289 floating around on the internet! geesh people

meen 12.04.2010. 11:10

haha..u got that right, steph! dont understand why they are depending heavily on this particular innovative people!

Dawn 03.07.2010. 13:13

Why do you people have to be so mean. Comments are good but sarcasm is not.

People need to be conscious of feelings and good deeds as this person has done, a few mistakes are no big deal and not the end of the world.

Lighten up and enjoy life and thank her for trying to give a wonderful recipe that she loves to the world.

Thank you.

Madison 08.08.2010. 18:26

Can i use baking soda instead of baking powder cause i dont have time to drive all the way into town to get some ?

HHH 12.08.2010. 21:51

Um well what if your waffle iron is less or more than 9 inches, will it work?

Gail 23.12.2010. 07:45

I live in the UK and I use imperial measurements. I dont see why we have to change the way we do things just to comply with flippin Europe!

Isobel 09.03.2011. 06:56

I agree with that last lady Rivka, I like to measure things in ENGLISH not Euro-speak!

Zoffix Znet 26.06.2011. 17:23

I slightly modified this recipe: used one extra egg, added two more tablespoons of sugar into egg whites, and about 100g of melted butter.

The waffles were still not sweet enough for my tastes, but were very fluffy and delicious.

I ate them with some sweetened condensed milk :) Yumm!

NotImpressed 20.11.2011. 12:18

Taste like waffle shaped omlette. Sorry

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