Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron

Whether you are 3 or 33 waking up to a breakfast of Mickey Mouse shaped waffles will always bring a smile to your face. A Mickey Mouse waffle iron is one of those kitchen appliances that never go out of style.

Where To Buy Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

The recommended waffle maker that makes Disney shaped waffles is Mickey and Gang 5-in-1 Tasty Baker maed by Pop Art that is available at local stores such as Target, Disney Stores and Wal-Mart locations. You can also purchase this great waffle iron online at sites such as Amazon and Disneystore.com. You will find that your children will look forward to breakfast time with you each morning.


The Mickey Mouse Tasty Baker is not only a waffle iron, but also has the ability to help you create fun and exciting baked goods such as personal cakes, brownies, muffins and quick-breads in the shape of all of the loved Disney characters. Which ones?

You can make:

  1. - Minnie Mouse,
  2. - Donald Duck,
  3. - Daisy Duck,
  4. - Goofy,
  5. - Pluto and of course,
  6. - Mickey Mouse.

This waffle maker has received very good reviews when compared to other Mickey Mouse waffle makers that are available. Another one that has a little bit different approach is Disney Mickey Cookie Baker that can make normal shaped waffles that have imprints of Disney characters.

When using the baking feature you can create fun treats for parties, birthdays and other special occasions. You can even grill sandwiches for easy snacks or lunch preparations.

The waffle maker has an easy to use on/off switch, temperature control knob and a temperature ready light that will help you tell if the iron is hot enough.

Each Pop Art Mickey Mouse 5-in-1 Tasty Baker is backed by a full one year manufacturer warranty that protects this kitchen appliance against any defects in the construction of the unit.

The non-stick molds that feature all of your favorite Disney characters are removable for easier cleaning and so that you can use the appliance as a plain waffle or pancake maker.

When compared to other waffle irons, you are going to find that the price of the Mickey Mouse Tasty Baker is very affordable. So treat yourself or that other special Disney lover in your life to a breakfast of Mickey Mouse and gang shaped Belgian waffles loaded with your favorite toppings, and a day of smiling faces.Simply fill the non-stick baking molds of the Mickey Mouse waffle iron with your favorite waffle recipe and let the happiness begin :)!

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