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Waffle iron is what you need if you want to make waffles at home. Actually waffle iron is an older name for waffle maker. The reason for that is that early waffle irons were made by blacksmiths and were made out of casted iron plates. Hence the name waffle iron.

Modern waffle irons are much more advanced and are no longer made by blacksmiths. So if you want to learn how to choose a waffle iron and what features do you need, what to look for etc...read our how to buy a waffle maker guide since now waffle irons and waffle makers are the same thing.
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15.09.2007. 03:45


Roger 22.06.2009. 06:49

G'day from Australia,
I produce the Leige waffle in my little coffee shop, I have been doing them for about 4 months now. I use 2 waffle irons and am having trouble cleaning them, I know all about proving them once clean. I don't understand exactly how you should clean them? If all you do is wipe them down once cool, you are still left with a coating off caramelised sugar that can only be taken of with a chisel! If this is not taken of over time it builds up and then you have trouble with your waffles sticking, then you have to soak and chisel of all the coating and prove once again. I have looked all over the net for some answers but can not find them, questions like, how long between cleans, do you burn of the sugar before a clean, when cooking the waffle do you scrape out the left over sugar that sits and caramalises. If any one can give me better ideas on useing and cleaning a waffle iron I would really appreciate it.
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