To put it really simple so even a hungry person can understand it, waffles are kind of a mix between pancakes, cookies and omelets. But what matters the most is that they are deliciously good. We would like to extend many waffely thanks to pilgrims who brought them to North America sometime around 1920. Waffles came from Holland and besides wooden clogs pilgrim also brought with them a few different waffle making methods and recipes. If we look even further back then waffles originate from wafers. Wafers were something like a crispy, thin and very light waffles.

What makes waffles stand out is a specific and crispy grid like appearance which is perfect to catch generous amounts of any topping that you want to put on your waffles. And they are of course quite tasty by themselves.

Waffles are baked using metal plates (usually made of iron) with a distinctive shape inside. This shape is imprinted on the waffles when they are baked and voila - this is how waffles get their shapes. Because these metal plates used to be made out of iron waffle makers are also called waffle irons.

Today waffles are one of the favorite foods. What is so great about them and why do we really really want one right now? Well, you can mix, add or remove some of the ingredients and make all sorts of different waffles. You can have vegetarian, non-vegetarian, low fat, high fat, sugar free, really sweet and sticky, not sweet at all... you know, waffles come in all shapes, sizes and tastes, there is something for everyone.

Different shapes also give them different names. Waffles have many names depending on the ingredients or the place the recipe comes from. Like American waffles, Belgian Waffles, Virginia waffles, malted waffles, Hong Kong Style waffles etc. Each one of them is made a little differently.

We think this is pretty much everything you need to know about waffles before you go into your kitchen and start making them. For that you will find lots and lots of waffle recipes on this website. Try them out, eat them, enjoy them and let us know how it went.

That's all folks. Talking about waffles got us really hungry and we have to go and make some.

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11.09.2007. 07:28


Gourmet Chocolate 19.12.2007. 21:43

I recently bought a waffle maker from costco, but I have only used it once. I now think I will give waffle making another shot. By the way, great site.

heather 25.12.2007. 10:33

Could you please put it in cups, tsp, and tbles, it would make it a lot earsier
thank you

Waffles 20.01.2008. 13:54

Ounces...? My measuring stuff doesn't measure in ounces...

Waffle Man 20.01.2008. 14:05

1 ounce = 28.35 grams, I'll try to put the measurements in both systems :)

Dan 30.01.2008. 09:20

I am confused as well. In your basic recipe you use ounces when referring to dry ingedients. Most US recipes use cups, tablespoons or teaspoons when referring to dry ingredients. 1 cup of a liquid is not the same volume as a cup of dry ingredient. When I think of flour, I think of a measuring cup not a scale. I don't mean to complain, I just really want to try the recipe and I don't know where to start.

Whit 09.02.2008. 09:05

I'll second Dan. Cups, please, for those of us without a kitchen scale.

That said, many thanks for your efforts to support the humble waffle, clearly the highest of the culinary art-forms.

Holly 24.02.2008. 09:04

great site and very fun for those of us who believe waffles are a gift from the gods

Eran 19.04.2008. 07:14

You say in your Basic Waffle Recipe that you should use "some oil". How much is "some" ?

Waffle man 24.04.2008. 02:42

Some oil - a few tablespoons.. like 4-5

Wendy 16.02.2009. 11:51

I made the Basic Waffle recipe and instead of separating the eggs I just put them in whole. I used 2 instead of 3 and mixed the batter with a hand mixer. I also added a teaspoon of vanilla. I let it sit for 5 mins. It came out perfect! Way less work and just as tasty.

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